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Easter by ourselves… fun with food, paintings for sale, and writing all the time.

It seems to me…. I hope everyone had a great Easter last weekend.  I did, or at least I thought I did until I was told that I didn’t.  So, here’s what I mean…  The boys and I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Feels so good to be painting full time….

ON MY EASEL… In The Garden is an original acrylic painting.  It is painted on a  12″ x 12″ x  1/2″ gallery-wrapped canvas. It’s wired and ready to hang.  For more information you’ll find it under Florals in my Daily … Continue reading

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Fitness… has HH ever used that word?

Checkers here…  I know what you’re thinking folks… You just haven’t seen ol’ Checkers T. Mouse for a while.  Believe me, it’s not my fault.  In the move from the old studio to the one here in the condo, I … Continue reading

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Stuff 8: Filing takes forever

First … here’s some follow-up on  STUFF 7.. Let me remind you what that area of the office looked like before… AND… what it looks like now…. Yay… making progress… Now onto STUFF 8… I’ve been pushing this box of … Continue reading

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Stuff 5: Downsizing has begun

One of the main reasons for the de-STUFFing project is that I moved my studio into the condo and don’t have enough room for all of it.  Since art and writing are my main passions, I’m willing to give up … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday: Start your day with a big dose of Whimsy!

Okay Boys….. It’s Cyber Monday and you know what to do… Let’s get out there and sell those books…   It’s me, CHECKERS… My assignment as I understand it is to push (oops… I mean) promote the newest book.  It’s … Continue reading

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Are you feeling the pressure….?

Hi, it’s Checkers…. we’ve been in a frenzy over here. We’re helping HH get ready for the two-day Meet the Authors Book Fair. It’s next weekend and she’s just about ready.  We just have a couple more things to do…. … Continue reading

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Writers write!

Writing book-length fiction or non-fiction is a big job. So often I hear, “I have an idea for a book. I’m going to write it one day.” I would love to know how many of the people who have told … Continue reading

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Easy Like Sunday….

It takes a lot of energy to launch a book….  We had no idea. We were not around when HH launched Max’s book, so we didn’t know that it was not all glory and parties. No, we’ve been hauling books … Continue reading

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Book Give Away — We are excited to have our own copies of the book and to give 2 away this week

We’re just dropping in to say Happy November 1st…. HH says that we are so proud of our book that pretty soon we won’t fit through the doors cuz our heads are getting too big.  We’re not sure what that … Continue reading

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