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Give each character an indiividual voice.

Part of this thing we call voice in a novel results from the words we put in our characters’ mouths. One goal is to ensure your characters do not all sound the same. In English class, we are taught to … Continue reading

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Developing Voice in Writing

Voice is so important to writing. Before you write, take some time to think about how you want to present your material. The voice of the piece will go a long way to making the piece memorable. Every piece of … Continue reading

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Finding your true voice for each piece of writing

As writers, we often find it uncomfortable to write with an identifiable voice. I know that I find it easier to write correctly than to get a little sassy or humorous or silly or staid.  Even though the voice for … Continue reading

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The voice makes a difference in non-fiction as well

We often talk about voice in fiction, but equal attention should be given to voice in non-fiction. In fact, if you give your non-fiction a voice appropriate to your topic, you will increase the odds that readers will stick with … Continue reading

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