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Cyber Monday: Start your day with a big dose of Whimsy!

Okay Boys….. It’s Cyber Monday and you know what to do… Let’s get out there and sell those books…   It’s me, CHECKERS… My assignment as I understand it is to push (oops… I mean) promote the newest book.  It’s … Continue reading

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Quick guide to the first stages of story development

So you have an idea for a book.  How do you turn that idea into a story?  Of course, it depends on whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction. Today, let’s talk about fiction. I’ll devote another blog soon to … Continue reading

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Style Sheet – Fiction

Before you write, you’ll find it helpful to set up a blank style sheet and fill it in as you write your novel. Then when you edit, you’ll be able to look for and correct troublesome spots. Okay, for those … Continue reading

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Choose a topic you love

Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer. Barbara Kingsolver What’s your book, story, essay about?  Do you … Continue reading

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Evaluating books and why they do or don’t work.

Before you write, it’s very helpful to read a book or two (or five or 10) written by authors you admire in your genre. You may know that you like those authors, but do you know why?  Learning why will … Continue reading

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How to end your book.

Are you ready to write real fiction?  I mean, are you ready to let your characters speak with their true voices?  Are your ready to let your book end when it most naturally should? And are you ready to let … Continue reading

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Start Short… do you like your topic?

Before you set out to write a book (fiction or non-fiction), it’s always good to try your hand at that topic or genre in a shorter version. Writing anything book-length is a huge committment. Better to find out you hate … Continue reading

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Momentum: Put one word after another and then keep going…

Before you write it’s good to analyze your momentum factor or your perseverance factor. More often than not a weakness in momentum or a lack of perseverance will undermine the production of a book rather than anything to do with … Continue reading

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Quick Tips for Outlining that Novel (NANOWRIMO)

With NanoWriMo (that’s National Novel Writing Month) starting November 1st… let’s hope you have a good idea for your novel and have your outline started.  Now, I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month without an outline and with an outline… … Continue reading

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How to handle weak characters

Occasionally, a novel centers around a weak character. It certainly can be interesting. Rarely, does it work if the writer allows that character to remain a weakling who wallows in that weakness. Usually, readers only tolerate the weakness of a … Continue reading

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