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Fitness… has HH ever used that word?

Checkers here…  I know what you’re thinking folks… You just haven’t seen ol’ Checkers T. Mouse for a while.  Believe me, it’s not my fault.  In the move from the old studio to the one here in the condo, I … Continue reading

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Sunday Selfie and De-stuffing too

Oh..oh… I almost stalled out on my de-stuffing project. Not in my mind. My mind has made plans daily to de-stuff this area of the condo or that. But, I must admit, it’s been more planning than action lately… WHY? … Continue reading

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Who do you see….? Selfie Sunday

I not only have to de-stuff my physical world, but the computer files as well.  This week I spent a little time assessing how big that job is going to be. While I was poking around, I happened upon this … Continue reading

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Painting of the week… It’s ME, Knuckles!

Knuckles here: Good morning pals.  I think I showed you the photo Helen took of me in the quilt. Well, HH could not resist. She painted it this week.  Here it is: I’m using it as my selfie today for … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies…. ahhhh the scent of fresh flowers…

Wow… middle of May already. Gardens are blooming like crazy down here.  A friend and fellow writer, Linda Zern, (check out Linda’s books here) has a beautiful one. When she posted a photo of just part of it (complete with … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies – Happy Mother’s Day

We’ve had a GREAT week….  A bird… Gina said it’s a Mocking Bird… has chosen our window sill as a place to sit and to chatter at the boys.  They are so happy with their new friend.  At least, Busy … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies — A Day for Fantasies

Knuckles here… This has been a week for fantasies… First, HH is finally being productive in her new studio at home.  Took a while to sit her little hind end down in the chair and get to work. You know, … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies…. Painty Paws

Remember this cartoon of me (Knuckles) when HH was using watercolor paints.  Well,  we don’t have a picture, but Bugsy had an oil painting accident this week… Yikes.  Luckily HH was right there when he jumped onto her palette. It … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies…. Still on the Diet…How long will this take?

Bugsy Here…. I have lost nuffin’.  I want to know how long this will take.  Knuckles has lost a quarter of a pound… Lucky him.  All eyes are on me in expectation now.  And, you know what happened this week  … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies: We’ve had a busy week.

Knuckles here:   Happy Sunday to all of you… We are home today, resting up. You see we’ve had a busy week.  HH is taking an oil painting class and she is up to her eyes in color, and at night … Continue reading

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