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Let’s talk about editing.

Remember the quote,  A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client? I feel the same way about editing.  You’re a writer, but unless you have studied and studied editing, you are not an editor. And, even if … Continue reading

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The Steps to Traditional Publishing – An Overview

We’ve spent some time talking about self-publishing. Before  you write and before you decide that self-publishing is the path for you, it’s good to know the ins and outs of the publishing world. After all, how can you make an … Continue reading

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Evaluating your novel-in-progress

We all want to think that our writing hits the mark every time. We can, of course, think that, but unless we take an honest look at our writing from time to time, we won’t be giving ourselves the optimum … Continue reading

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Freelance writing: ways to survive…

It’s inevitable that there will be ups and downs during your freelance writing career. The trick is to enjoy the ups and weather the downs. In fact, enjoy the downs, too, because those are the times that give you the … Continue reading

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Finding your true voice for each piece of writing

As writers, we often find it uncomfortable to write with an identifiable voice. I know that I find it easier to write correctly than to get a little sassy or humorous or silly or staid.  Even though the voice for … Continue reading

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Editing: You can only do so much yourself.

To a certain degree, you can edit your own work. It’s always good to go through your writing as carefully as you can. You’ll get rid of the most obvious errors, but you should always have your work edited by … Continue reading

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Self-publishing: Do you have a team to help you?

Self-publishing used to be a last resort for writers. When they couldn’t find a traditional publishing house to back their book, they decided to put it out themselves. This is not the case any longer. Self-publishing is often the first … Continue reading

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