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What to do if your characters take over your plot.

Before you write, you should know this…. All authors learn this one day, but you’ll be ahead of the game if you realize that you’ll probably start out to write one book, but as you progress, the book will morph … Continue reading

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Character Development

When writing a novel, full-bodied characters will do more to add believability to your story than anything. They will bring your story to life. Your characters will jump off the pages if you know them inside and out. So, put … Continue reading

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It’s the weekend. Do you write all weekend, too? I do — on and off. This weekend, however,  I’ll be working extra hours putting the final touches on my outline for National Novel Writing Month. In case you didn’t know, … Continue reading

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How to handle weak characters

Occasionally, a novel centers around a weak character. It certainly can be interesting. Rarely, does it work if the writer allows that character to remain a weakling who wallows in that weakness. Usually, readers only tolerate the weakness of a … Continue reading

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Fiction-writing: Using backstory to enhance character and plot.

  Before writing your novel, write or develop a detailed backstory. It’s one of the keys to making your fiction come alive. It will increase the believability of your story because it will enhance your characters and their relationship to … Continue reading

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