Happy Mother’s Day

As requested, I added a little color…so thought I’d post this new version in honor of Mother’s Day.   Hope you all have a wonderful day.

The Boys were wild on Saturday. Knuckles attacked this pillow, then decided to “hide” behind it.  It’s his selfie for the day. We are participating in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop put on by The Cat on my Head blog.

Join in if you like.

Hugs to all of you,

Bugsy, Knuckles, and Lou

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Drawing Practice…

I’m happy to say that I’m back to drawing or painting daily, and it feels good. Above are two drawings that I finished this week… I may add some color to them later. Will let you know if I do. I’m posting these on my Instagram page and on Facebook, so follow along if you want.

The Boys are participating in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop today sponsored by The Cat on My Head blog. Feel free to join in…

Here’s their selfie for today…

Have a great day!!

Hugs, Bugsy, Knuckles, and HH (Lou)

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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

piled high… Mostly empty boxes.. not as bad as before.

It seems when one is sitting on a couch, staring at the walls, dedication to de-stuffing or de-cluttering flies out the window. I’m proud to say, the dining room table is still in pristine condition. Piles of papers and artwork have not accumulated there. However, the rest of the condo has mysteriously returned to its pre-destuffing state.

Noe, I could say that I’m glad to be feeling better and one option is to just not worry about the clutter. But, now that I’m feeling better, I want to eliminate the piles that have accumulated.

So, if you were de-stuffing right along with me before, you’re more than welcome to join me again.

First Project

Do you have a spare bed? I do. It’s in my office and seems to be the easiest place to toss stuff when you don’t know, or don’t care to find somewhere more appropriate to stash it. Here’s my twin bed in the office.  If I can tackle this,  you can tackle anything…..


News from The Boys

A couple weeks ago The Boys went to the vet for followup on their diet.  The results are spectacular.


Knuckles is proud to announce that he has met his weight goal and weighed a svelte 11.9 pounds.  Yay!!!


Bugsy hasn’t reached his goal yet, but he is making progress and weighed in at 13.9 pounds.  Yay for Bugsy too.

I still have to sit with them when they eat to ensure they don’t try to eat each others food, but other than that, the diet has been smooth sailing.

That’s the news for here. Have a good day and join us as we participate in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop put on by The Cat on My Head blog.

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What’s Up?

We’re participating in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop sponsored by The Cat on My Head Blog.  Join in if you want to…..




The Boys love to play “Made Ya Look” with  me  Either they see things that I don’t or they just think it’s funny to make me look at the ceiling in alarm.  Nothing visible to me, but it always works…. Just in case there’s some creature hanging from the ceiling, I can’t resist looking when they do.

So the selfies above are two of their favorite Made Ya Look photos. And here’s a painting I based on that photo of Knuckles.

Have a great day.


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Update: Our Life so far in 2017

Just in case you have been wondering why I haven’t posted lately, I decided to give you a little update.

On 2/2/17, I thought I had caught a cold or the flu.

… Went to the doc, rested a few days and hoped for the best.

…Unfortunately, the cough got worse and led to gagging, so I couldn’t eat anything but liquids.

…Long story short, February and March consisted of endless days of sitting on the couch, staring at the walls and medical appointments. It turned out I have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) rather than a cold or flu.

…With the problem identified, I am feeling better and learning to eat again. 

So, unfortunately,  I accomplished nothing during February, March and the first half of April. — and, as you can see from the picture above, Bugsy and Knuckles were more than happy to join me in my inertia…  Now, we are setting about to regain our stamina and to return to our projects




And blogging……here we go and here’s to a NEW BEGINNING….

…MORE soon

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Happy Easter…..

Happy Easter from Bugsy, Knuckles and HH (Lou)….

I know we’ve been away for a while and we’ll catch up on news later, but just wanted to let you know that we wish you a wonderful day.

Here’s our selfie for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hope put on by The Cat on My Head blog.

Have a great day!!!!


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Tulips to brighten your day

0102171501-1-2Painted some Double Tulips this week.  Felt great to be back painting. I have posted them and the Llama on my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

We’re Participating in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop sponsored by The Cat on my Head blog…

helen the boys

Have a great day everybody!!!

hugs, Bugsy, Knuckles, and HH (Lou)

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