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This and That…

Someone asked me the other day to show a picture of my studio…. Here it is.. or I should say, here’s half of it. This is the half I tidied up to take a this picture.  Then… take a look … Continue reading

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How you doin’ you NanoWrimoers out there?

I thought something was different this November.  Here it is the 16th and I didn’t even remember that this is National Novel Writing Month until today.  I participated for four years and this  year I decided early on that I … Continue reading

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Are you familiar with National Novel Writing Month?  Thought I’d plant a seed today and see if it’ll grow by November. Yes, November is National Novel Writing Month. In honor of that a few hundred thousand people world wide all … Continue reading

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Momentum: Put one word after another and then keep going…

Before you write it’s good to analyze your momentum factor or your perseverance factor. More often than not a weakness in momentum or a lack of perseverance will undermine the production of a book rather than anything to do with … Continue reading

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One Last Nano Post for this Year.

I’m almost to 50,000 words, so thought I’d post one more time about the experience this year. Nano has been completely different for me this time, and every time. I guess that’s why I continue to do it. I learn … Continue reading

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My laptop has gone rogue on me….

If you’re reading this and you know the answer, please leave a comment…. (or if you’re reading this and just love the way I’ve written it, please leave that comment as well. It never hurts to be flattered when you’re … Continue reading

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Happy National Novel Writing Month Everybody

In November, there are a bunch of us crazy writers who participate in a 50,000 word challenge… actually there are thousands of us. I’ve done it for the last four years.  Now that I head into my fifth year, I’m … Continue reading

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