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Create your own setting….

            I participated in an on-line workshop last week to learn the process to create Funky Little Cityscapes. (To learn more about the workshop, go to SweetRepeats Blog) The painting above is was my first … Continue reading

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Quick guide to the first stages of story development

So you have an idea for a book.  How do you turn that idea into a story?  Of course, it depends on whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction. Today, let’s talk about fiction. I’ll devote another blog soon to … Continue reading

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What to do if your characters take over your plot.

Before you write, you should know this…. All authors learn this one day, but you’ll be ahead of the game if you realize that you’ll probably start out to write one book, but as you progress, the book will morph … Continue reading

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Mood in writing

There are two important moods in writing. The first is the mood of your piece. Is it upbeat or sad and depressing?  In some cases, authors try to bring in more than one mood. That works at times, but you … Continue reading

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Five ways to take a break from your writing.

Take a break…. That’s my advice when your writing seems stale, listless…. etc.  Sometimes we push too hard to make the words come.  Here are a few ways to take a break and to recharge your creativity… 1. Write something … Continue reading

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Theme… much the same in painting as in writing

Well… I’m into another painting challenge… This time it’s put on by the Riverview Art Studios and Gallery (that’s where I have my studio). Anyway, we are painting on a theme and completing one painting a day. My theme is … Continue reading

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Characteristics of Your Characters

When I sat down to write this morning, I intended to write about Dialogue of Convenience. I guess I’ll get to that some day soon, but here’s what I wrote.  I guess the topic is What characteristics your characters should … Continue reading

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Making the most of criticism

One of the most difficult parts of being a writer is learning to get the most out of criticism. I remember the first critique group I attended. I wanted them so badly to say how wonderful my rotten novel was.  … Continue reading

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Style Sheet – Fiction

Before you write, you’ll find it helpful to set up a blank style sheet and fill it in as you write your novel. Then when you edit, you’ll be able to look for and correct troublesome spots. Okay, for those … Continue reading

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Fiction writing: Creating believable characters

When writing a novel, full-bodied characters will do more to add believability to your story than anything. Through them, you will bring your story to life. You can do several things to create characters who will jump off the pages. … Continue reading

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