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Making the most of criticism

One of the most difficult parts of being a writer is learning to get the most out of criticism. I remember the first critique group I attended. I wanted them so badly to say how wonderful my rotten novel was.  … Continue reading

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Style Sheet for Non-Fiction

Way back when…. before the painting challenge started, I wrote a post on Style Sheet for Fiction.  I intended to write the non-fiction companion post right away, but once I started painting cats, they took over the month.  So… it’s … Continue reading

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Style Sheet – Fiction

Before you write, you’ll find it helpful to set up a blank style sheet and fill it in as you write your novel. Then when you edit, you’ll be able to look for and correct troublesome spots. Okay, for those … Continue reading

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Writing a book: the process

It does sound glamorous to write a book. You have a great idea, but do you know the process? How do you go about turning that idea into a book?  You’ll need patience to approach the process with care and … Continue reading

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Groups that may be helpful to writers: The Critique Group

There are many types of groups that are often helpful to writers. There are writers’ organizations, marketing groups, critique groups, etc. Today I’m going to talk about critique groups and the ways to set one up. You may find this … Continue reading

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Don’t release your writing until it’s ready. The power of reading aloud.

Words often sound better when flowing through our minds than they do when we read them aloud. When I have a piece of writing that is almost there—almost at that point where I’m ready to release it into the world—I … Continue reading

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Make every piece of writing your best.

Be your own best reference. Before you write, commit yourself to ensuring that every piece of your work is your best. I used to write a magazine column and I often heard, “I saw your piece and went looking for … Continue reading

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Edit and Proof… do both and repeat until satisfied

The good thing about editing is that it’s an opportunity to catch everything from typos to plotting problems before you publish and embarrass yourself in front of the whole world. You can do this yourself on the first go-round, but … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about editing.

Remember the quote,  A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client? I feel the same way about editing.  You’re a writer, but unless you have studied and studied editing, you are not an editor. And, even if … Continue reading

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