30 in 30 – Day 5

Day 05 SM

30 in 30 – Day 5

6″ x 6″ x 1.5″

acrylic on cradled board

Happy Holiday…. I hope you are all having good weather and enjoying a day off.  I’ll be painting, but that’s not work, so it’s all good.

Here’s my Day 5 painting for the 30 in 30 Challenge… If you haven’t figured it out from the paintings in my gallery, I do love tulips.

If you’d like to see more of my paintings, please visit my Daily Paintworks Gallery

Here’s the side view…

Day 5 side

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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18 Responses to 30 in 30 – Day 5

  1. pilch92 says:

    That is beautiful.

  2. Mary Roever says:

    That is absolutely gorgeous. Another great job!

  3. Yesterday’s was my favorite … until today. I love tulips too and these are gorgeous – such a play of colors!

  4. Summer says:

    My human loves tulips too – I love how the blooms continue over the edges in this one.

  5. Wow! This one is so pretty!

  6. TEDDY BEAR says:

    Lou, what is a cradled board?Love the tulips..Nancy

    Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2016 13:58:44 +0000 To: teddybear4mee@hotmail.com

    • loubelcher says:

      Cradled board is 4 sides attached to the board you’re painting on. You can see what I mean in a couple of the paintings I posted on the blog where I show the side view. In this case the sides are 1.5 inches. If the artist paints the sides too, you can hang the painting without framing. Thanks …glad you love the tulips.

  7. kittiesblue says:

    The first photo didn’t do this painting justice until you showed the sides in the second photo. I am really enjoying how you are doing all the paintings from a different perspective and the flowers in different sizes and settings. Hugs, Janet

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