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Stuff: 9

Lou Here:  Did you notice that I didn’t pop right back to you with Stuff 8: The Filing? I warned you that I hate filing, didn’t I?  Yes, I certainly did. Well, I stalled out as soon as I gave … Continue reading

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Stuff 8: Filing takes forever

First … here’s some follow-up on  STUFF 7.. Let me remind you what that area of the office looked like before… AND… what it looks like now…. Yay… making progress… Now onto STUFF 8… I’ve been pushing this box of … Continue reading

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Stuff 7: Bookcase and Tiptoe

Knuckles Here:  My turn to blog…. This has been a busy week.  First of all HH finished her painting….  It’s called Tiptoe…  Hope you like it… It’s an oil painting measuring 20″ x 20″ x 1.5″   Don’t know about … Continue reading

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Stuff 6: Coffee Table and Yoga Class too…

HH here. Yes, I’m still at it.  I bet you thought I would find an excuse to abandon my de-stuffing project by now.  Nope… I’m in it for the long haul.  Today, I’ll show you the results of my attack … Continue reading

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White Rose… a day off from de-stuffing.

What better way to spend a day off from de-stuffing than finishing up a painting I started earlier in the week… Enjoy… Have a great day. Go Here for more information.

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Stuff 5: Downsizing has begun

One of the main reasons for the de-STUFFing project is that I moved my studio into the condo and don’t have enough room for all of it.  Since art and writing are my main passions, I’m willing to give up … Continue reading

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Stuff 4.5: The Boys have their Say about Stuff

Good Morning…. Bugsy and Knuckles here… First of all, HH is doing much better.  Just slight twinges of her back to remind her to be a little careful, but she’s just about ready to start her de-stuffing project. Therefore… we … Continue reading

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Stuff 4: The Best Laid Plans

On Sunday My head was filled with ideas as I began planning where to start and how to attack the STUFF. On Monday A pesky muscle in my back seized. The most I could do on Monday was hobble to … Continue reading

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