Sunday Funnies… A Review…

150628checkersIt’s me…. Checkers… Sorry we’ve been gone so long…. You know it wasn’t our fault.  Nope.  HH (fondly known as Lou) was off earning treat money for Bugsy and Knuckles.  And she said last night when she got home, that she did okay. So you know what that means? Yep, the first cut goes to the rescue shelters,   the second cut to treats for The Boys, and third cut to a nice wedge of jarlsberg for me. Whatever is left, we’ll let her have that….

So, since she’s been so busy with the writing and the painting while getting ready for the book fair last weekend and the studio open house yesterday, we thought we’d curate a little show of our own and show you a couple of paintings and a couple of cartoons.  Hope she likes what we pick out….

First, here are a couple of her pen and inks you might like… They appeal particularly to The Boys.. Here’s Bugsy’s favorite…


it’s called Cats in the Garden…

And Here’s Knuckles’ favorite, called Plenty of Fish…. he joked and said he wanted to call it Lunch, but I told him that might not be politically correct…


Now for our favorite cartoons of the week. It’s the tutorial on decorating the Christmas tree.  …




Hope you all have some quality tree time coming up.  (You didn’t hear it here, but remember, this decorating process is even more fun when done in reverse…)

Next week… new cartoons….

Have a great week and don’t forget about the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop put on by The Cat on My Head blog.  Here’s our selfie for the week. It’s me and Bugsy….



Have a great week…

hugs, Checkers T Mouse

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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10 Responses to Sunday Funnies… A Review…

  1. Summer says:

    Cool art today – I was wondering what you guys (and HH) were up to!

  2. We love the artwork! Nice to see you Checkers!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We love the drawings this week…’specially the Christmas tree cartoon. We got the book about a week ago. The mom hasn’t had time to read it to us yet. She promises she will soon. Thank you!

  4. pilch92 says:

    Very cute, but I think I will decorate the tree and let the kitties watch 🙂

  5. Shadow says:

    Good idea. Those are some pawsome drawings. I agree with Bugsy for a favorite picture.

  6. Oh what a lovely post! Good to see Mum did OK, it’s the right time of year for OK and better!

  7. meowmeowmans says:

    Hiya Checkers! It’s so nice to see you. 🙂

    We love today’s artwork!

  8. We loved all the artwork, especially the garden cats. Your cartoon made us MOL…I have to know the skills of the speed 😀 Happy Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

  9. absolutely love the black and white sketches…marvelous catchatwithcarenandcody

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