Sunday Funnies… DOUBLE TROUBLE – The Adventures of Bugsy and Knuckles

Howdy…. Happy Labor Day weekend.  We are resting today, but we wish you all well in your laboring….

This week, HH didn’t finish much art for you to see.  But she did this little piece of yellow cats under a tree…

yellowtreecatsSMWe thought that you yellow/orange cat fans would like it.

(If you’d like more information about this painting or would like to order a print, CLICK HERE)

But of course the main event of the day is the Crazy Cat Lady Cartoon for this week, but before we post it, we must tell you the truth.  HH can not find the comment or the email from the person who submitted it.  So if you submitted this one, please, please, please let HH know in a comment. She wants to send you the jpg of the cartoon and she wants to thank you.  Thanks.

So without further ado….

Crazy Cat Lady Cartoon # 8


This one is so true over here. In fact, we don’t think HH uses the can opener ever; and now that tuna cans have those pop tops, she’s acting all-guilty-like when she pops the top on anything else too.

(If you’d like to order a print of the cartoon, I have posted it in my Fine Art America gallery.  Click Here)


Cat4-300x300We are participating in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop put on by The Cat on My Head Blog.  If you’d like to participate, join in.  Here’s a selfie of Knuckles.  It’s a profile shot… He’s trying to look quite handsome.



Have a great day…. and a super weekend.

Hugs, HH, Bugsy and Knuckles

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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25 Responses to Sunday Funnies… DOUBLE TROUBLE – The Adventures of Bugsy and Knuckles

  1. Summer says:

    Yeah, we know what that pop top means – it’s mealtime for us kitties! Or it had better be, at least!

  2. Fozziemum says:

    Yep that sums up our place MOL..and we live orange kitties under on up trees MOL..great slefie sweetie..paw pats Dinnermintz xxx

  3. Emmadog says:

    What is it with kitties and can openers. My kitties have never had wet food in a can opened with a can opener, but they still appear when they hear it! Cute cartoon and perfect selfie!

  4. pilch92 says:

    I love the orange cat cartoon- I have a female ginger named Prancie. Very true about the can opener 🙂 Great selfie too.

  5. Lola and Lex says:

    If Mommy or her boyfriend pop the top on any can, Lexy goes running!

  6. love the cartoon!
    Wonder if it was Rosa from Cat Lady Confidential who submitted to you?

  7. mariodacat says:

    Tuna! YOu said the magic word. Love the yellow kitties – it’s super good.

  8. Love to see your pictures, and the portrait.

  9. I know I love HH’s artwork today! ~Wally

    Have a great weekend!

    • loubelcher says:

      You have a great weekend too … Thanks for the comment about my yellow/orange cats… You could be one of those kitties, Sally.

  10. Shadow says:

    Can opener, that must mean breakfast. MMMMM!
    Knuckles, that is a purrrRRRrrrty profile view. Looks like you spot an adventure wiaiting to happen.

  11. meowmeowmans says:

    We love HH’s drawings this week, and that selfie is awesome, Knuckles!

    And yes, “can opener” means “time to eat” here, too. Hee hee.

  12. Excellent selfie Knuckles. That’s very healthy tuna, guys…MOL 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

  13. Knuckles, you are so super handsome in your profile selfie. Mom had an LOL moment with this week’s Crazy Cat Lady cartoon. And being fond of cats of every color, we love the drawing. Thanks for being a faithful follower of our blog hop. XOCK, LO, M, MM, G, F, A, L and CJ

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