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Monday Musings– The book give away…

My musings today are all about yesterday…. So many people came by the blog and I appreciate all of you. And to those who left comments and encouragement, thank you so much…. Without further ado, lets get to this book … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies….. The Book is HERE

Hello….. It’s Undercover Cat here. You wanna know why Bugsy and Knuckles were threatened with jail this week?  Well, I’ve got the skinny on that.  It was all legit and that’s why HH didn’t really lock them up. It started … Continue reading

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Show ‘N’ Tell Saturday…. Finished three

Happy Caturday….. I showed you the sketch of Green Gables that I was painting. I finished it.  And I also showed you the sketch of #FriendsMakeYouFeelSecure. I finished painting that and also the piece #FriendsListen.   Woohooo… a productive week!!! Here’s … Continue reading

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Free-For-All Friday

This is what happens when you take Free-For-All Friday too literally — you end up in jail…!

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Think-About-It Thursday – The Food Dish Dilemma

Bugsy Here:  It’s my turn to blog. It seems to me that I would get a lot more food if I could just restrain myself and not gobble it up the instant HH fills my dish (and by “fills my … Continue reading

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Whimsical Wednesday – Yellow

Introducing to you today my yellow characters in the KittyScapes.  First… Here’s Yellow Cat. This piece is called Don’t Fence Me In… This is Yellow Bird… He’s an unusual bird, because sometimes he is bigger than life and at other … Continue reading

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Tips on Tuesday – The Bumpy Road to Success

Rejection is a part of every writer’s life and every artist’s too. For both, it’s important to learn how to keep working despite rejection. When we finish writing a book or painting a picture, we expect the world to fall … Continue reading

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Monday Musings: The BrainStorm…. Friends

Happy Monday everyone.. My brain has been in “Musing Mode” for two days now.  It seems I just can’t rest… Kitties are stirring the pot and I have another long-term project to tell you about. I have in the past … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies… CAT words

HH was in the mood to draw some toons of CAT words… Here are three of them…   CATamaran (actually Bugsy wants it to be called a BUGSYmaran)   In honor of Thanksgiving coming up soon… instead of a cornucopia… … Continue reading

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Show ‘N’ Tell Saturday — Green Gables

It’s been a productive week.  I have two pieces to show you today. The first is a work in progress. It’s a pen and ink drawing that I’m adding a little color to. There’s an old building at the end … Continue reading

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