Show ‘N’ Tell Saturday…. Finished three

Happy Caturday….. I showed you the sketch of Green Gables that I was painting. I finished it.  And I also showed you the sketch of #FriendsMakeYouFeelSecure. I finished painting that and also the piece #FriendsListen.   Woohooo… a productive week!!!

Here’s the Green Gables piece….

GGShedSMIt’s a 9 x 12 watercolor and pen and ink on 140-pound watercolor paper. It’s not for sale since I painted it for the Green Gables fund-raising event next week.

Here’s #FriendsMakeYouFeelSecure

00001FriendsSecureSMThis one is 8 x 8 in acrylics and pen and ink on 140-pound watercolor paper.

And here’s #FriendsListen

00002FriendsListenSMIt is also 8 x 8 on 140-pound watercolor paper…

I’m finally ready to put some work in my gallery.  If you’re interested in either of these pieces, you’ll find them at

Have a great day…

hugs, HH

P.S. No kitties were actually put in Jail yesterday.  Bugsy and Knuckles are fine and having a blast running amok at every chance they get. They would like to thank Summer, however,  for her offer of a Get out of Jail Free Card…. The need will certainly arise again, so maybe they should just take the card now and have it on hand… MOL





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I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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8 Responses to Show ‘N’ Tell Saturday…. Finished three

  1. Love those and so pleased there was no jail time or visit to the blood stealers. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. cecilia07 says:

    Lou the cottage is gorgeous! I bet it will raise lots of. Funds.

    MOL mol Madi was in jail yesterday we had an invasion here of i troopers cleaning our ducts and sanitizing them. Men everywhere and front door open so we had to get a dog kennel for Madi’s safe house. Photos on Monday….
    Madi and cecilia

  3. Brian says:

    Great art!!!! We’re glad nobody was really in jail fur sure!

  4. Simba says:

    We like all three! Love, Simba

  5. Jim Belcher says:

    Lou, I think you know I love your art. These three are especially wonderful. I look forward to your emails. What a treat – three on one day. Thank you!

  6. Summer says:

    That Green Gables painting is fantastic!

  7. Very nice! We like the Friends Listen one. (Well, we like them all!)

  8. Clooney says:

    What fabulous paintings, we love all three!

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