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Free-For-All Friday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Have a wonderful Halloween… be safe out there … and send us half your treats if you are so inclined!!!! hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles    

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Think- About- It- Thursday – Halloween Eve

Bugsy Here:  Think about this…. Today is not Halloween…. It’s tomorrow, so we still have time to implement our plan… We are intrigued by this Trick or Treat concept…. particularly the word TREAT has us interested. So if we can’t … Continue reading

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Whimsical Wednesday — KittyScapes

It is Whimsical Wednesday and do I have some WHIMSY for you…? I’m in the process of adding all my KittyScapes to the Gallery…. Please stop over and take a look and come back any time you want.  CLICK HERE … Continue reading

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Hi… We are stopping by with a special Tip… It seems that too many Tuesdays have passed without a mention of the importance of Tooooona Tuesday.  Well, to make up for that, we had HH make us a Toooooona Pizza.  … Continue reading

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Monday Musings — Fall

Saturday was the day of the Green Gables fund-raiser.  I don’t think my painting sold as I haven’t heard that it did, but I am happy to report that my photograph of the roof of Green Gables did sell. It … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies — Double Trouble 10/26/14

Good Sunday Morning Everybuddy…. It’s Bugsy here and I get to show you the Sunday Funnies today…. First, HH asked me to tell you she’s sorry she didn’t get the Show ‘N’ Tell post up yesterday.  She showed so many … Continue reading

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Free-For-All Friday – #FriendsShare

The boys have been saving this picture for Free-For-All Friday because they think there would be a free-for-all here if even their best friend tried to share this….. But sharing is a wonderful, friendly thing to do. Have a great … Continue reading

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Think-About-It Thursday — Costumes or Not?

Knuckles here:  It’s my turn to think.   So here’s what I think. Halloween is right around the corner…do you dress up? It’s a question Bugsy and I have been tossing around over here. The first year, HH dressed us up. … Continue reading

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Wordless Whimsical Wednesday

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Tips on Tuesday…. Do It Now

I’m later than usual putting this up today. I left a long list of things from yesterday to do this morning and didn’t have time for it all.  So my tip for today is: If you’ve got time to do … Continue reading

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