30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 10: Possibilities

TILE0012PossSMDay 10: Possibilities

Acrylics on panel; 6″ x 6″

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Possibilities is one of my favorite words.  I’m not the best at talking about these heavy-duty words that give us strength, that pull us up when we get down; but I have a list of them and I use them during creative endeavors and throughout just everyday stuff.

I would love to hear what some of your favorites are. What are the words that make the difficulties of your life seem a little less difficult? What are the words you tell yourself when you are facing a challenge and you aren’t sure you’re up to it? And what are the words that just fill you with joy and make you ready to celebrate…?

I hope each of you has a plentiful supply of possibilities…

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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17 Responses to 30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 10: Possibilities

  1. Yes and they are endless. So enjoying these. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. mariodacat says:

    That’s an excellent word. I’ve never had any, but maybe I should start thinking in those terms.

  3. jim belcher says:

    I don’t know. So far all the words are words at the top of my list. How can that be? ❤️😎🐸❤️

    jim belcher JimBelcher350@icloud.com 407.376.5428 🈴


  4. When I want something the word “No” doesn’t exist…instead of a word I have a theory……obstacles are’t roadblocks, they are just challenges, challenges to work your way around. I love how the painting the lines branch up and out and to the stars………the possibilities are endless…….

  5. Frankie and Ernie says:

    It IS full of PAWSibilities… Love it… Wow you are 1/3 of the way through and we are truly enjoying it.

  6. Sparkle says:

    My human’s favorite words are “It’s DONE!” I guess this means she is not about the journey, MOL!

  7. Brian says:

    I really like that one and it might be my fav so far!

  8. That’s a great painting and a great word!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Oh we really like this one! We sure are enjoying all your paintings, HH.

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