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Ginger Jasper…. acrylics

I’m happy to introduce Ginger Jasper to you.  He’s from England and is a wonderful ball of fluffiness.  I had a great time painting all that fur and I even remembered to paint the freckles on his nose.  If you’d … Continue reading

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Neytiri in all her fluffiness

What a lot of Fluffy Goodness Neytiri is.  Beautiful cat to paint. Enjoyed every minute of painting her.   She has beautiful blue eyes, too.  Her brother is George Clooney of the Cooney’s Nom Nom Fund Clooney’s. To meet both of … Continue reading

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It’s Artsy-Fartsy Tuesday on Roxy the Traveling Dog…

Thanks so much to Mary Hone and to Roxy for featuring my artwork on Roxy The Traveling Dog blog.  Stop by their blog if you haven’t already. They are wonderful creative people and dog, traveling the country with their art … Continue reading

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Katie Isabella…

Good morning. Today’s painting is Katie Isabella.  She was fun to paint with all that beautiful black fur against stark white.  She has a blog, if you want to meet the real Katie. It’s Have a great day.

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Another kitty joins the group…

Good Morning….. and Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Painted this kitty yesterday. Here name is Cathy and can be found at I guess this is a four day weekend coming up for those of you who work in the … Continue reading

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Characteristics of Your Characters

When I sat down to write this morning, I intended to write about Dialogue of Convenience. I guess I’ll get to that some day soon, but here’s what I wrote.  I guess the topic is What characteristics your characters should … Continue reading

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Making the most of criticism

One of the most difficult parts of being a writer is learning to get the most out of criticism. I remember the first critique group I attended. I wanted them so badly to say how wonderful my rotten novel was.  … Continue reading

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Style Sheet for Non-Fiction

Way back when…. before the painting challenge started, I wrote a post on Style Sheet for Fiction.  I intended to write the non-fiction companion post right away, but once I started painting cats, they took over the month.  So… it’s … Continue reading

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