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Publishing: An Overview

Whether you are self-publishing or going the traditional route, the steps to publishing your first book are very similar. If you’re just beginning to write, it’s a good idea to do some reading on writing and publishing. There are many … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the New Year…. new goals and new deadlines…

Well… It’s almost that time of year… the time to assess what we’ve done for the entire year and what we’re going to do next year. The path to achieving my goals is never a smooth one and time seems … Continue reading

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Networking: Why writers need other writers.

As writers, we spend most of our time alone. We huddle over our keyboards and block out the rest of the world in order to concentrate on writing. That’s the nature of the job. When we do emerge from our … Continue reading

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Fiction writing: Creating believable characters

When writing a novel, full-bodied characters will do more to add believability to your story than anything. Through them, you will bring your story to life. You can do several things to create characters who will jump off the pages. … Continue reading

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My Art…

For a while now, I have been drawing and painting. Until recently, I have kept it to myself. But now I’m in a studio and with the encouragement of my studio mates, I’m beginning to show and to sell my … Continue reading

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Book Review – Your Novel: Day by Day

I wrote the following review for the Amazon page for this book. Thought I would share it here since the book has so much to do with our topic of what to do before you write. Enjoy! My novel isn’t … Continue reading

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