Determining if there is a market for your book

You might be itching to write a book on a certain topic….. If you are and don’t care whether there is a market for it or not, then just start writing. But, in most cases, even with  a burning desire to write about a topic, we do want it to sell as well and don’t feel comfortable proceeding without knowing that someone out there will want to buy it.

Here are some ways to test whether there is a market for your topic…

1. We have talked before about using your blog to determine if there is anyone interested in your topic.  If that is your method for testing the market, just post about your topic on your blog regularly and comment on other blogs that post about similar topics. Soon enough you should receive feedback from your readers regarding whether they have an interest in your topic.

2. Visit the bookstore in your town or on line and see if that topic is covered. Note the copyright dates of the books you find and whether there is only one edition of each book or if there are multiple editions. Multiple editions is a good indication that there is interest in the topic because people have returned for more year after year.

3. Visit other stores that sell products that relate to your topic. Ask the owners of the stores their feelings about room in the market place for a book on your topic. For example, if you’ve written a book about golf, visit a sporting goods store and see whether they see the need for the book you are proposing to write.  Visit more than one store, so you won’t base your decision on just one.

4. Read the trade magazines monthly to determine the trends of interest in your topic. And determine if there are particular niche markets that would help boost sales if you do decide to  write about your topic.

5. Look for topic specific organizations that might help you sell your book once it is completed. For example, if you are writing a book about quilting, are there quilt clubs or quilt groups in your area that will be great targets for your book.  You can often give a little presentation to the monthly meeting of clubs and sell copies of your book after.

All these areas are good to explore. What you discover from each inquiry will give you an idea whether there is interest in your topic or may show you how to tweak your topic to make it of interest to others.  Sit with the information for a while and you’ll eventually compile enough information to get a real feel for the feasibility of proceeding.

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I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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