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Determining if there is a market for your book

You might be itching to write a book on a certain topic….. If you are and don’t care whether there is a market for it or not, then just start writing. But, in most cases, even with  a burning desire … Continue reading

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Give each character an indiividual voice.

Part of this thing we call voice in a novel results from the words we put in our characters’ mouths. One goal is to ensure your characters do not all sound the same. In English class, we are taught to … Continue reading

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The Cliche: Avoid it at all cost, except when it fills the bill

Good writing, compelling writing is fresh, original and authentic. Cliches drain your writing of those qualities most of the time but not always. My advice is when in doubt avoid them, but if one feels right to you, sit with … Continue reading

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Updating a Novel

I wrote a mystery/suspense novel  quite a few years back. I wasn’t satisfied with the plot at the time, and I couldn’t quite hit on the right solution to what was bothering me.  Recently, I thought I might drag out … Continue reading

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