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Be Bold… push the envelop with your writing or art…

In my FEARLESS™ painting course, I am learning to paint BIG, to paint bold, to paint fearlessly.  For one thing, I have graduated from painting on paper that was 7″ by 10″ to paper that measured 50″ by 72″. So … Continue reading

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Now What….? After organization comes productivity…

Although I was overwhelmed at first when I listed out all the projects I had going, I did find the organization process enjoyable.  It was like a puzzle. And I had a good time solving it. Organization is only step … Continue reading

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Results of taking stock and reorganizing

The Challenge Last Tuesday, I challenged myself to take stock of my writing/art and to reorganize. Here’s that post if you’re interested in reviewing it. I’m posting the results of my week of introspection and how I’ve rearranged my prioities … Continue reading

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