Getting Ready to Sell Your Book: Help You Books Fly Off the Shelves

The excitement of publishing does get to us sometimes. I know that as my books neared completion, I became antsy to publicize them. I know it’s hard to wait until everything is in place, but you’ll do yourself a disservice if you don’t.  Before you start publicizing your book, there’s something you should know about the buying public. They need instant gratification.

Oh… if something really tickles their fancy, they will return again and again until it’s available. But you will miss many sales if you announce a new book and there’s no way for the public to buy it.  I just had someone submit a book to me to be publicized on my book blog. The press release was flawless… it made me want to buy one. It had all the elements: a little bit about the book, something about the author, a jpg of the cover, and information about where to buy it.

It all looked perfect until I ran a test run of the post and realized that the author gave me the publisher and Amazon as sources for purchasing the book.  I clicked to Amazon and it was listed there, but you couldn’t buy it on Amazon.  Instead it referred you to the publisher.  So, I clicked to the publisher, and couldn’t even find the book listed.  I looked throughout the site and it wasn’t mentioned yet.

So, I wrote the author and told her that I would post the notice if she wanted, but she’d do much better to have all the selling options set up before I posted it.  I’m waiting to hear from her.

This incident brought the following to mind:

1. Be sure your publisher knows when you are sending out press releases, so they will have a way to sell the book all set up and ready to go. Better yet, coordinate a launch with the publisher so there can be some hoop-la going on at the publisher’s site so people who go there will know that your book is a big deal.

2. Make buying the book as easy-peasy as possible. One-click shopping is the best. And one-click shopping to a secure site is even better.  Now, some people may know the publisher that the author used, but those who don’t might be reluctant to buy on a site that they don’t know.

3. If you’re selling at a site where you can control the price, give buyers a special deal for being in the first group of buyers.  For example, knock the price down for the first month as an Introductory Special. This does two things. It’s a nice deal for those who make up their minds and buy right away, and it shows the buying public that you know your book is going to sell for the duration –you are so confident, in fact, that you’re willing to give them a special deal right off the bat.

Try these hints and you’ll be much happier with your book launch.



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I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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1 Response to Getting Ready to Sell Your Book: Help You Books Fly Off the Shelves

  1. Thanks, Lou. Your wisdom is priceless as I learn patience in working on my first “book”. The text is being revised, and I’m working on the pictures, which are the most work. I am learning to be patient and open to whatever changes need to take place. I’ll take these words of wisdom in as I hope someday to be at the press release stage of publishing. Thanks for all the wonderful advice you bring through your blog!!!

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