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Exercises in Creativity

I am happy to report that I’m coming along nicely on my reorganization project.  Meet me back here on Tuesday and I’ll show you the result. In the meantime, let’s talk creativity. I’m a firm believer in exercise… No, not … Continue reading

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It seems to me… taking stock and reorganizing

It seems to me…. there comes a time when you need to take stock and reorganize. This is one of those times.  It struck me the other day that I’m spending way too much time on non-writing parts of writing, … Continue reading

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Who do you think you are as a writer?

Geneen Roth wrote a great book. It’s called Women, Food and God. In it, she describes a  process called Inquiry. The reason I mention this is that after you work your way through this process, she ends it by saying, … Continue reading

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In blogging, there are no absolute rules

I have often blogged about blogging.  My usual message is to keep it short and meaningful. It seems to be sound advice, but there are exceptions to every rule.  As a general guideline, I would suggest that you keep your … Continue reading

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Character Development

When writing a novel, full-bodied characters will do more to add believability to your story than anything. They will bring your story to life. Your characters will jump off the pages if you know them inside and out. So, put … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Sell Your Book: Help You Books Fly Off the Shelves

The excitement of publishing does get to us sometimes. I know that as my books neared completion, I became antsy to publicize them. I know it’s hard to wait until everything is in place, but you’ll do yourself a disservice … Continue reading

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