Mix it up on Twitter!

If you want to make the most of your time on Twitter, it’s good to mix it up. Some people go on Twitter thinking that it’s a place to post 140 character announcements. Not so.

Twitter is another communication device in our lives. Instead of thinking of it as a place to send messages out into the world about your latest book or about your latest writing project, think of it as a place to connect with other people. Too often we forget that to communicate with others we have to draw them out and find out what they’re thinking and what is important to them.

So often when I’m looking around on Twitter for others to follow, I find they have one type of tweet on their profile and that tweet is about  them. I know by looking at it that this is not someone who will be communicating with me.

In order to communicate with others, mix it up when writing your tweets. Rather than just sending announcements out into the world with your wisdom and advice, read the tweets of others and respond to them.

Here are several different types of tweets… Try mixing it up when you are tweeting and think in terms of communication. It might take a little longer than just sending out announcements, but your time will be much better spent.

1. The announcement. Obviously this is an important tweet. You have something to tell someone else, the best way to do it is to just tell them straight out. I’m not saying not to use this type of tweet. I’m just saying don’t have it be the only type of tweet you use.

2. Tweet a picture. Occasionally, send a picture out that you find particularly beautiful or send one that has some message or humor in it. This will often get the conversation going with a few other tweeters. When they comment on your picture, carry the conversation one step more to reinforce them for tweeting to you.

3. Tweet a question. If you have a legitimate question, tweet it.  Someone out there will have the answer or an opinion on it.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get an answer the first try. Sometimes, the people who follow you are occupied with another conversation and might not respond. Throw it out again later.

4. Tweet a website. If you find a wonderful website on a topic you tweet about, tweet it for others to enjoy.

5. Respond to the tweets of others. Read the tweets of others and respond to them when they interest you. Others are out there wondering if anyone is reading their tweets, too. Let them know that you are and you’ll have a conversation going before long.

6. Narrow the field.  Many people meet up on Twitter by putting a common word into their Tweets. That way, you know your tweets are reaching people of like interest. Say you are interested in pearls. Put #pearls into your tweet and it’ll be read by others who are interested in pearls.  This is a way to narrow the field for a particular interest.

7. Retweet the tweets of others. Be generous to others on Twitter. You’ll have a better conversation if you remember to not make it all about yourself. If you see a particular tweet that you find interesting, retweet it for others to read.

Try some of these variations of tweets and let me know how it goes for you.



About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the Twitter info.

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