A little more about promoting your book… indirectly.

So many times, when I go on writer’s profiles to decide if I want to follow their tweets, I find tweet after tweet saying, “Buy my book…”

Does that work? Probably not. It’s time for writers to realize that hitting the public over the head with your sales pitch doesn’t work.  It’s time too to come to terms with what social media can and can’t do for you.

First of all, social media is a term that represents Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogging, and  other sites where like-minded people gather. They are not sales tools. I can’t emphasize this enough. You’ll become more successful with your book sales if you concentrate on building a relationship with your followers/friends, circles, etc. Here are some ways to do that…

1. Don’t be a salesman with those you communicate with on the social media sites.

2. Concentrate communication. Don’t talk to others. Instead, talk with others. Twitter is not all about you. It’s about communication with others. Sometimes it’ll be about you and sometimes about others as in any conversation. But if you are sending random messages out into the world saying, “I wrote a book. Buy my book,” people will see your avatar and ignore it.

3. The economy is tight. For most of your readers, book buying is not impulsive anymore. On average most people must hear about your book several times before they decide to make the purchase.  They may hear about it through your blog, through the occasional reference to it on Twitter,  through a book review on the local book news site, etc. If there is something in the book for an individual, he/she will find it and eventually buy it if it’s a right fit. Instead of sending potential customers running by hitting them with the hard sell, just make sure you have good exposure for you and for you book by participating in a variety of activities on-line, such as book radio, book blog tour, participating in a giveaway where you bring attention to your book by giving copies of it away, submitting your book to book review sites, etc.

4.  Don’t be frantic about marketing your book. Rather, spend your time building relationships with those who read your blog or those who follow you on Twitter or Facebook. Let them get to know more about you through your blog posts or tweets than just what you say about your writing. Once they know you, they’ll start pulling for you in your book endeavors, and will help to bring other readers to your blog.  That will, incidentally, do much more for the sale of your book.

5. Spend some time visiting other blogs, tweeting about the accomplishments of others, talking to and about others is a good way to build good relationships on line. Be generous on line and you will build good and lasting relationships.

By putting some of the emphasis on others and reducing the activity of hawking your book, you just might build the relationships you need for repeat purchases of your books.

If you have some good indirect sales tactics, leave a comment for others to try.

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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  1. Lizzystar says:

    Hi Lou ,, this is Elizabeth , we met today Jan 4th while shopping It was a great pleasure meeting you .. many blessings . Lizzystar.

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