Selling your book without resorting to hard-sell tactics.

If you’re a writer and have a book you are trying to sell, your blog can help you in many ways. You can post the book cover on it and tell a bit about the book to entice people to purchase it. But how do you attract potential customers to your blog?

One way to attract people to your blog is to write interesting and entertaining posts that people will want to read. By posting more than just your book, you’ll attract a readership and those readers may turn into customers. So, make your blog or website about more than just selling your book.

In order to attract readers and potential customers to buy your book, you might want to take advantage of social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, to tell readers that you have posted to your blog. On your blog:

1. Write posts that will interest those who would be interested in the topic or genre of your book.

2. Start a conversation with your readers. When you post to your blog, end the blog by asking a question or requesting a comment.

3. Go on Twitter and Facebook and tell your friends and followers that you have posted to your blog and invite them to read your latest post and comment on it.

4. Get involved in the conversation and talk through the comments and through Twitter and Facebook with those who comment on your blog.

Your book is available on your blog or website throughout the posting and the conversation. Your readers will notice it and may buy it without the hard sell. Essentially, you are selling yourself.  If you project yourself as having something interesting to say, others will come back for more and may even buy your book.

Another great way to sell your books is to do a virtual book tour. Line up other blogs that fit your topic and request to be a guest blogger on them. This will broaden the number of people who know you have a book available.

Have several blog posts ready before your start the book tour. It’s best to choose topics for the post related to the topic of your book, but not directly a hard sell for it. Give the readers something interesting to remember you by and you’ll increase your chances that they’ll take a look at your book.  You don’t have to type Buy This  in giant letters on the blog post. You merely need to entertain the readers.  They’ll decide on their own that you are someone they’ll want to read.

Don’t hide under a basket. In order to use the Internet effectively to market your books, it’s important to keep yourself out there. A post once a week will probably not do it. At that pace, every week you’ll be starting over with trying to build your following. Keep up the rhythm of your posts, so readers will know what to expect of you. If you’re on Twitter, tweet every day. If you’re on Facebook, then post daily there too. Whatever you choose as your book platform, have a plan to work on it daily. Slow and steady progress will help you build a following that will serve you well for this book and the ones to come.

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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