Who do you want following you on Twitter?

There are many answers to the question regarding who you want following you on Twitter? Here are some things to think about when building your Twitter presence.

  1. Are you on Twitter for business or for socialization? If you are using Twitter to socialize with like-minded people and to carry on a pithy conversation or two, to learn of corresponding websites of interest or to bring some attention to your blog, you may not need many followers. You may want to target a few quality followers who enjoy communicating about a specific topic of interest to you. (In this instance, do a specific search using the hashtag (#) followed by words that most describe your topic and see what others are saying about it. For example, if you are interested in drawing, then do a search on Twitter for #drawing or #sketching and see who you find and what they are talking about.  In this way you can find the people who are most likely talking about a topic of interest to you.)
  2. Specific business. If you are using Twitter to find customers or clients for a specific product or service for your business or for one you are thinking of offering, there is no need to gather a huge general group of followers. Many of them may have no interest in your business. Instead, it’s much better to concentrate on following and being followed by those who may become customers, clients and business associates. If those in your list of followers have an interest in your business, it’ll be much easier to know you are reaching your target audience with your tweets.
  3. The more followers the merrier.  If your business is of interest to people from all walks of life, the quality of your followers will not matter. You’ll want as many followers as possible because any of them could become customers. For example, if you run a restaurant, a movie house, or a newspaper, you will want all the customers you can get.
  4. The extreme opposite of this is the private Twitter page. Some people of Twitter have chosen to protect their Tweets, meaning they only allow a specific list of people to see their Tweets. Private groups socialize or conduct business in this private way and have no interest in adding followers.
  5. For Authors… When building followers on Twitter in anticipation of marketing your book to them, it is good to take into consideration the topic of your book, but don’t make that the only criteria for following others. If those you follow fall into such a small group of people who are interested only in the specific topic of that one book, you’ll need a whole new Twitter site when the next book comes out. Remember you are really marketing yourself and not a specific book. The popularity of a specific book will fade and you’ll be onto the next, so it’s best to go for a diverse group and make your tweets interesting to the general population.
  6. Many writers tweet about writing. While that is interesting to other writers, is that really interesting to your target audience?  Unless you are writing a book about writing, other writers may not be your target audience.  Therefore, it’s good to take some time to define your readers when looking for those to follow on Twitter.  Who are the people who will buy your books?  What are their interests?  Follow those people on Twitter and tweet to them and you will begin to build a base for marketing yourself as an author and your books. Make your tweets interesting and valuable to them and they will retweet them to their followers. And… it will build from there.

The best way to get followers on Twitter is to be interesting and provide valuable and entertaining information to others.  If you only tweet about your daily routine, your followers will tune you out.  Give them a laugh or send them to an interesting site. And, remember Tweet about your book only about 10% of the time…. or less.  Get into the conversation and be someone they love to read and who loves to read the tweets of others. After all, Twitter is a social site, and the key to any social situation is good communication.

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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