Communicating through your blog

Blogging can be an asset to your writing career. Even if you are still writing your book and it won’t be published for quite some time, a blog can only help you when the time comes. If you start early, you won’t have to scramble when you are ready to put the word out about your book. You will already have established relationships with other bloggers. As long as you’re going to spend a portion of your precious writing time blogging, get the most out of it.

Some bloggers remain above the fray. By this I mean that they post a blog a day or every other or every third day, but they don’t interact with others.  I guess they see themselves as educating the world. This is fine, but blogging can be so much more rewarding than that.

In school, there were those teachers who taught at us. They presented their prepared lectures, assigned us a certain amount of reading, tested us and gave us grades. They didn’t interact with us. I always thought that they though we had nothing to offer.  Then there were those teachers, who did lecture occasionally, but they mostly interacted with us… communicated. Those were the interesting classes. Those are the classes I remember.

The same holds true of bloggers. Those who communicate, those who make it interesting and care what others might have to contribute are the ones I remember and the ones I want to get to know.  In case you want to join that the bloggers who communicate, here are some ways to go about becoming more involved in your blogging.

1. Of course, the first order of business is to write great blog posts. Make sure they are interesting and valuable to your readers and a little bit entertaining as well.

2. Make your posts easy to read.  Have a point to each post and keep your route to that point as simple as possible. Ways to do this are to write to communicate rather than to show off, use white space to make the post inviting to read, and, when appropriate, use lists and illustrations to make it easy to follow to enhance the point you’re making.

3. Invite the readers to participate by offering asking for their ideas on the topic or by conducting a related poll to solicit their opinions.

4. Get out and meet others. Visit the blogs of those who visit you. Leave them comments when you find something interesting in their posts. Visit regularly so they will come to know you.  Subscribe to their blogs to make it easy to follow them.

5. When you see a blog that is of particular interest to you, tweet about it or post a link to it on Facebook.

6. Ask questions. Don’t always be telling others what’s on your mind. Instead, show some genuine interest in what they have to offer by asking questions.

7. Most importantly, don’t treat blogging just as a business. You are communicating with others.  After all, they call it social media, so socialize with others.

What suggestions do you have to make blogging more interactive?

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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