How to be worth following on Twitter

If you decide to participate on Twitter, it’s important to know how to be worth following. Without followers, there’s little point joining the conversation. Here are some suggestions on how to be worth following:

1. Choose a topic (broad or narrow) and stick with it. You will gain followers based on your topic. By having a well-defined topic, you’ll attract people who are interested in that topic. By sticking with the topic, you will prove yourself to be worth following on Twitter.

2. Write tweets that are interesting. Just staying on topic will not make you worth following on Twitter. You must also make your tweets interesting to those following you. You not only want them to follow you, but you want them to tweet back to you and to retweet your tweets. All of this means your tweets must be interesting enough to prompt some interaction from others.

3. Write tweets that are entertaining. Perhaps you don’t think that you are on Twitter to entertain others; however, from time to time some humor or entertaining elements are called for. Lighten up a bit occasionally and people will remember you and find you worthy of following.

4. Write and send tweets that are informative. Many people are on Twitter looking for information, so be sure to provide them information that they may be seeking. If all your tweets are about your daily activities, others may grow tired of them. For people to follow you and want to send your information on to others, your tweets must be of value to them.

5. Tweet often enough to keep the interest of your followers but not too often. People are apt to unfollow you if you flood Twitter with many tweets at once. And they will surely unfollow you if those tweets are only about you or your product. Those on Twitter dislike spammers on Twitter as much as they dislike receiving spam in their email.

6. Tweet announcements that are of value to others. For example, people will find you worthy of following on Twitter if you tweet about discounts of value to them or about give-away opportunities.

7. Be generous with your tweets. Send people to other sites by tweeting a link to related websites that you find interesting. Also send people to YouTube or Tweet an interesting picture now and then. And be nice to your followers by retweeting their tweets that you find interesting and by thanking them when they do the same for you.

8. Always make sure your tweets are timely and friendly. People will respond to your tweeting if the tweet tells them something they don’t already know and if you approach them in a friendly manner.

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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