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It’s the weekend. Do you write all weekend, too? I do — on and off. This weekend, however,  I’ll be working extra hours putting the final touches on my outline for National Novel Writing Month. In case you didn’t know, … Continue reading

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Evaluating your novel-in-progress

We all want to think that our writing hits the mark every time. We can, of course, think that, but unless we take an honest look at our writing from time to time, we won’t be giving ourselves the optimum … Continue reading

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Book Specials

I have just lowered the prices on the Kindle versions of my books to $2.99 per book… Have a look. I’ve done this for your reading pleasure and because it makes a great gift. Therefore, if you want to give … Continue reading

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Communicating through your blog

Blogging can be an asset to your writing career. Even if you are still writing your book and it won’t be published for quite some time, a blog can only help you when the time comes. If you start early, … Continue reading

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Quick Tips for Outlining that Novel (NANOWRIMO)

With NanoWriMo (that’s National Novel Writing Month) starting November 1st… let’s hope you have a good idea for your novel and have your outline started.  Now, I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month without an outline and with an outline… … Continue reading

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What will you be doing on November 1st and all the days of November? If you are a NANOWRIMO fan, you just might be pounding out the golden lines of a novel. If you haven’t heard of it, November is … Continue reading

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Understanding the story process.

Different authors approach story development in different ways, and that’s okay.  The key is to know the process that works best for you . Oh, you can remain blissfully ignorant and make out just fine, but if you do discover … Continue reading

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How to handle weak characters

Occasionally, a novel centers around a weak character. It certainly can be interesting. Rarely, does it work if the writer allows that character to remain a weakling who wallows in that weakness. Usually, readers only tolerate the weakness of a … Continue reading

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You’re invited to be a guest blogger

Guest Bloggers Welcome at Before You Write is a new blog by me, Lou Belcher. It is dedicated to giving beginning and seasoned writers tips on a variety of topics about the process of writing and publishing. To broaden … Continue reading

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Understanding the role of action in fiction

Understanding the role of action in fiction will help you write a story that keeps your readers turning pages. Your book doesn’t need to be an adventure story or a thriller to use and need action. All books could use … Continue reading

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