Daily Writing Increases Creativity … and Another Thank You

My parents used to have Happy Hour at 4:30 pm everyday. They’d have a drink while talking over their day. Around 4:15 pm, they would both begin to think and prepare for Happy Hour. They skipped their ritual on very few days. They loved this part of their retirement. Due to the regularity of Happy Hour, their bodies signaled when it was time. Without a clock, the Happy Hour bell would ring in their minds.

I’m not offering this up as an endorsement of drinking to improve your writing. Instead, I’m suggesting that you can train your writing creativity in a similar manner. First of all, write each day…. Yes, write for a prescribed period of time (say 30 minutes) at the same time of day, each day. With repetition, your creativity bell will ring daily at that time. The benefit is that you will be conditioning your mind to react more creatively, not only at that time, but throughout the day. Why?  Because your mind will become conditioned to look ahead toward your writing time. It will not only kick into gear at that appointed time, but will look ahead to that time in anticipation. Don’t be surprised, if you don’t catch your mind working on a plot point or character sketch in preparation for your daily writing time.

Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Thanks to Sandi…

On another note:  I want to add a thank you to my thoughts of appreciation  yesterday. It was a stellar day. It seems that Sandi from Sandi’s Self Improvement Blog awarded Before You Write  the Versatile Blog Award, too.  What a wonderful thing. I appreciate it.  Please stop by Sandi’s blog to see what it’s all about.  Thanks Sandi…

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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1 Response to Daily Writing Increases Creativity … and Another Thank You

  1. Lou, thanks so much for the thoughts today. I agree, and as an artist I feel that I need to do the same thing (work daily for a prescribed time) with my art. It is challenging, but in the end it is so worth the work!

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