Creating a writer’s website or blog.

If you are a writer and thinking of creating a website or blog, there are certain components that are important to include.

Here are some tips on creating a writer’s website/blog.

1. When creating a writer’s website, find inspiration for the overall look of the website or blog in the kind of writing or the genre of the writer. The theme of the website, the color scheme and the basic design should center around the general feel of that genre. Don’t make the website about your current book. You will be writing more books and won’t want to have to completely revamp the website or blog every time you publish.

2. Many writers buy the domain name that corresponds to their name. For example, mystery writer John Doe would choose the domain name rather than something to do with the mystery genre. Readers will generally search for an author’s name when looking for their website. An email address using the author’s name is also a good idea.

3. To determine the items for the main menu bar and pages for your website, determine the purpose or purposes of your website. For example, are you using the website to sell your books? Are you using the website to communicate with fans? Are you using the website to also advertise your sideline of editing? Maybe all of these are purposes of your website. Think this through ahead of time so you will have a clear idea of the what you want the website to do for you when it’s up and running. In addition to those pages you choose to emphasize those particulars, also include the standbys of Contact Information, Biography, and Upcoming Events.

4. Set up a shop for your books or give directions on how visitors can buy your books. Unless you want to have your own bookstore, you can merely add a buy button to your website or blog and have it click to any website that carries your book.

Since you’re a writer, it’s important to interact with your readers. This is why you have a website and/or blog. Remember to post interesting and entertaining information that your readers will enjoy. Rather than merely saying, buy my book… communicate with your readers and potential readers.

About loubelcher

I'm a freelance artist and writer. I enjoy anything whimsical and my art and writing generally concentrate on the lighter side of life.
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