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Publishing Advantages to Writing Nonfiction

I write both fiction and nonfiction, so I don’t have a bias here. I just thought that before you write, you might like to know how I see the ease of publishing falling in the debate of fiction vs nonfiction. … Continue reading

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Finding your true voice for each piece of writing

As writers, we often find it uncomfortable to write with an identifiable voice. I know that I find it easier to write correctly than to get a little sassy or humorous or silly or staid.  Even though the voice for … Continue reading

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Daily Writing Increases Creativity … and Another Thank You

My parents used to have Happy Hour at 4:30 pm everyday. They’d have a drink while talking over their day. Around 4:15 pm, they would both begin to think and prepare for Happy Hour. They skipped their ritual on very … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Kudos

Monday, 9/26/11: What a nice day it is. I woke up, checked my email and found that I had received The Versatile Blogger award from Jennifer Avventura at My Sardinian Life. Please visit her blog and check it out. It … Continue reading

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Getting over yourself – making the transition from thinking to writing

What’s holding you back in making the transition from thinking to writing? You have such witty thoughts running through your head. What’s preventing you from putting them down on paper? Is it writer’s block? Or is it merely a case … Continue reading

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Fiction-writing: Using backstory to enhance character and plot.

  Before writing your novel, write or develop a detailed backstory. It’s one of the keys to making your fiction come alive. It will increase the believability of your story because it will enhance your characters and their relationship to … Continue reading

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Fiction writing: Using flashbacks to enhance your novel

Flashback is a valuable tool in fiction writing if used appropriately. First, it’s important to understand the technique of flashback. In essence, flashback is the technique of interjecting a passage about a time period prior to the beginning of the … Continue reading

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How writing ebooks can help your business.

Do you have something important or helpful to say about your business? If you do, then you may have an ebook within you that will help your business. Here are some of the ways ebooks can help your business: 1. … Continue reading

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Practical uses for your journal

For any skill that we use in life, practice is needed to bring it to higher and higher levels of expertise. Of course, this is true of writing. Although many people say they’ve always wanted to write a book, few … Continue reading

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The 10 most common mistakes on Twitter

Once you set up your page on Twitter, it’s relatively easy to use. Effective use of it is an entirely different matter. Here are the most common mistakes people make on Twitter: 1. Before setting up a page on Twitter, … Continue reading

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