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The voice makes a difference in non-fiction as well

We often talk about voice in fiction, but equal attention should be given to voice in non-fiction. In fact, if you give your non-fiction a voice appropriate to your topic, you will increase the odds that readers will stick with … Continue reading

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Setting in fiction: the importance of getting it right.

If you use a real town or city as the setting for you book, it’s important to get it right. Before you write, always: 1. visit the location to learn the streets, the architecture, the landmarks, and the pace and … Continue reading

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Editing: You can only do so much yourself.

To a certain degree, you can edit your own work. It’s always good to go through your writing as carefully as you can. You’ll get rid of the most obvious errors, but you should always have your work edited by … Continue reading

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Press Release

It’s surprising how many authors write fantastic books, but can’t write a productive press release.  Oh, the press releases are well written, but that doesn’t mean that those receiving them find them useful. Most often you will use a press … Continue reading

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How long will it be before we publish our books only in ebook format?

Thursday is publishing day. I had a great conversation with a friend this morning about e-books.  We’re all getting into them now. And it’s not innovative, but is taking the turn to the natural thing to do. If you had … Continue reading

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Twitter: Getting Started and Making the Most Of It

 Monday I was chatting with some folks on Google. They were debating whether Twitter is valuable. I must admit that I have had my doubts from time to time, but I usually come out on the side of seeing the … Continue reading

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This guy sorts my note cards. This is the age of computers and many of you might prefer to take and store you notes on the computer, but I’m not fond of this method.  For some reason, when I’m working … Continue reading

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The role of theme in fiction

We often think of the theme of a piece of fiction as a statement of the story idea. That’s not necessarily what we’re looking at here. Developing a theme or themes when writing fiction is not the same as developing … Continue reading

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Writing Web Content

Writing web content Writing for the web differs from writing fiction or non-fiction for a magazine, book, or just for you. To write effective web content, you must master the art of writing succinctly. Studies have shown that you have … Continue reading

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Writing despite rejection

How to keep writing despite rejection. Rejection is a part of every writer’s life. It’s important to learn how to keep writing despite rejection. When we send out that first piece of writing, we expect the world to fall at … Continue reading

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